Ingredientes Complementos

Supplement your dog or cat's diet

Superfoods can benefit your dog or cat. We explain when and how to use them in a very simple way.

Benefits of bone broths

Add bone broth to your dog or cat's diet. They are a nutrient bomb for your furry friend and you can also share them with them!

Natural teethers

All furry dogs need to bite and chew for their health. Prevents them from biting plastic and adds natural teethers to their daily life.

Natural Snacks for Dogs and Cats

Many times we buy with our eyes: the package is pretty, it has a photo and colors that inspire “natural”…
Plástico en la naturaleza

The big problem with dog poop bags

Have you ever thought about how many plastic bags you use to pick up your dog's waste? We propose the perfect alternative.

Halloween for pets, Howl-O-Ween!

The furriest in the house are also invited to celebrate Halloween with the family, here we leave you our recommendations...
Perro roba galletas

Pet-Friendly Halloween Recipes

The furry ones also deserve a treat. Here you can see four Halloween recipes suitable for pets that will make them lick their mustaches!
imagen entrada

How to start with the CRU Dog Diet

This is where your furry friend's good life begins! We explain how to get started and the sooner the better!

Video Tutorial: Getting Started with CRU Step by Step

Changing your furry friend's diet is as simple as this video we have created for you.