BARF Mixed Cats Menu - 10 packages

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  • 100% NATURAL

Our recipe: 50% meat or fish, 20% meaty bones, 15% heart, 10% organ meats, 5% fruits and vegetables

  • Ingredients 100% natural.
  • Without preservatives or processing.
  • Without cereals.
  • National origin.
  • CRU is a raw food that maintains its natural humidity, your cat will be hydrated through food, helping to reduce stress on the kidney, liver and pancreas.
  • We use freezing as the only preservation method.
  • Exact amount to fill half the freezer drawer of a classic fridge freezer.
  • It is equivalent to the amount of food for 1 month for an adult house cat of about 5-6 kilos, it will last more or less depending on the size and activity level of your cat.
  • It is a sustainable package because it makes the most of the box and there is no need to add “fillers”, the number of packages guarantees the perfect frozen state.

Today 1 in 3 cats suffers from cancer and more than 40% are overweight.
With our CRU diet, combat the statistics and help your cat live a longer, healthier life with you, full of endearing moments.

    2 x CRU Chicken & Anchovy Cat - 500 g
    2 x CRU Rabbit Cat - 500 g
    2 x CRU Cat Veal - 500 g
    2 x CRU Turkey Cat - 500 g
    2 x CRU Rabbit and Deer Cat - 500 g

    CRU Beef: 45% lean beef, 30% beef bone, 20% beef heart, 5% beef liver.

    CRU Rabbit: 95% lean meat, rabbit organ meats and bones, 4% carrot, 1% coconut.

    CRU Chicken and Anchovy: 80% lean chicken meat and chicken carcass, 3% anchovy, 10% chicken hearts, 5% chicken liver, 1% carrot, 1% brewer's yeast.

    CRU Turkey: 95% lean meat, organ meats and turkey carcass, 2% zucchini, 2% apple, olive oil.

    CRU Rabbit and Deer: 80% lean meat, rabbit entrails and carcass, 15% deer meat and muscle, 3% pumpkin, 1% cranberry, olive oil.

    CRU 100% Beef: Energy Value 128.50 kcal, crude protein 20%, crude fat 5%, fiber less than 1%, humidity 72%, ash less than 2%.

    CRU 95% Rabbit: Energy Value 156 kcal, crude protein 20%, crude fat 7.5%, fiber 1.6%, humidity 69%, ash less than 2%.

    CRU 98% Chicken and Anchovy: Energy Value 210 kcal, crude protein 18.5%, crude fat 14.5%, fiber less than 1%, humidity 64%, ash less than 2%.

    CRU Turkey: Energy Value 150 kcal, crude protein 20%, crude fat 8%, fiber 1%, humidity 70%, ash less than 1%.

    CRU Rabbit and Deer: Energy Value 150 kcal, crude protein 19%, crude fat 8%, fiber 0.5%, humidity 72%, ash less than 0.5%.

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    1. Defrost

    in the fridge the night before


    2. Measure and serve

    using the portion guide


    3. Save

    leftovers in the refrigerator