Landing Guide 10 Myths

The 10 false myths that large feed companies want to sell you

Discover what you have never been told and awaken your common sense.

What will you find in our free guide?

We tell you the 10 most common myths about dog food

We dismantle them by explaining why they want us to believe them and the whole truth about them

Discover the perfect formula that nature designed for your diet

Expand your knowledge and make more informed decisions for your furry friend's life.

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We are Vania, Sandra and Quixote. Like you, until a few years ago, we thought that the only way to feed a dog was food. Allergy problems and lack of interest in Quixote's food led us to start a new path. We studied countless types of food and ended up choosing the one that nature had already chosen, raw food. We have been specializing in raw nutrition for dogs and have decided to share it with the world through the CRU revolution.