Benefits of bone broths


What is more comforting in the cold season or when you feel sick than a warm broth cooked with patience and love?

Your dog or cat is no different. They also ask for broth!

Bone broths are a source of many nutrients and have many properties .

Benefits of bone broths for dogs and cats:

  1. Helps strengthen your joints. Bone broth is an excellent natural chondroprotective thanks to the collagen that is released during long cooking. Collagen is essential to protect the joints, tendons and ligaments of our furry dogs as well as to prevent arthritis or dysplasia of the hip or elbow.
  2. Helps strengthen your immune system. Bone broth is an excellent supplement to help maintain the balance of the intestinal microbiota.
  3. Opens the appetite and helps hydration. If your furry friend has diarrhea, has been vomiting, recovering from an intervention, breastfeeding or refuses to eat for some reason, bone broth is an excellent option not only to whet his appetite, it will also give him the hydration he needs for his recovery. .
  4. Helps the liver. Bone broth is very rich in glycine, an amino acid required by the liver to perform its functions and filter out toxins.
  5. Control the weight. You can replace the higher calorie snacks with a broth that will satisfy them and help them control their weight.
They are a nutrient bomb that they love! Furthermore, if your furry friend has not yet made the jump to a raw diet, this broth can be the perfect cooking base in cooked diets or provide hydration and palatability in feed-based diets.

And in summer?

Try making broth popsicles for your furry friend, it's a refreshing and delicious way to continue adding extra collagen to their diet. We assure you that it will not leave a trace. The drawback of this type of broth is that the bones require many hours of cooking to release all the collagen and other nutrients and the preparation can become very tedious. CRU we bring you the solution with Beef or Chicken bone broths. Made only with water, bones and carrots from organic farms and gardens; ready to heat and serve. Suitable for both furry dogs and humans ( Although we like to add a little salt and some noodles ).  

Do you dare to try them?

*This article has been written based on our knowledge and unconditional love for dogs and cats but at no time does it replace the advice of a veterinarian. The CRU will be happy to try to resolve any questions you may have, but if your pet suffers from any pathology, we recommend that you consult with a registered veterinarian. Share:


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