Benefits of the BARF diet for cats


Benefits of the BARF diet for cats

Cats are obligatory carnivores. If we are clear about this, then why are we filling them with cereals? The moment you start feeding your feline according to its nature, the benefits are immense... Is your cat an outdoor explorer? So it is almost certain that he already goes on his small hunts or sometimes brings home gifts from them, this makes his nature clear and what food he really likes and needs.


  • Increased level of energy and vitality
  • Improved skin and hair quality - watch out! The first molt may be a bit exaggerated, then it will have a super great coat.
  • Perfect teeth, free of tartar and goodbye to bad breath!
    • The fleshy bones act as a toothbrush and natural toothpaste. The absence of tartar improves bad breath.
  • Reduces the odor and size of feces.
    • Poops are smaller and smell less... Processed food is full of ingredients that your body cannot assimilate and that is why it eliminates them. If what they eat is 100% natural and nutritious, there is no need for the body to eliminate so much waste.
  • Ideal weight.
    • By eliminating carbohydrates that your body does not need, you will gain muscle mass and lose fat. So you will enjoy a great figure.
    • If your feline gained weight when sterilized or simply has a few kilos more or less, the BARF diet is ideal to keep the scale at bay!
  • Are your eyes watering brown and staining your hair?
    • This is known as epiphora and one cause may be the ingestion of wheat. With a raw and natural diet you will see how it decreases quickly and even disappears.
  • Full hydration and less stress on the liver and kidney.
    • By eating natural, fresh and raw food, you are hydrated through the natural moisture of the food, your organs no longer have to fight to break down a totally dry and dehydrated food or full of chemicals.
    • Ideal for cats with urinary problems.
  • Stop hairballs!
    • By improving the quality of the hair we reduce the amount that our feline ingests. Many studies suggest that a poor digestive system predisposes you to producing hairballs and makes it difficult to eliminate them. If, in addition to improving hair, we strengthen their digestive system, imagine the difference.
  • Defenses go up!
    • As for ourselves, if we eat a healthy, balanced diet full of vitamins, our intestinal flora is at its best and our immune system is reinforced, so the body is stronger against external attacks.
  • Improves bone quality.
  • Increased energy level, vitality, positive attitude and general well-being
    • Imagine for a moment eating exactly the same thing every day and for your entire life... your cat will forever appreciate the change! Most of them start meowing with excitement when they see you approaching the refrigerator to prepare their food!
He/she may not know it yet. The large amount of sugar contained in ultra-processed cat foods such as feed or cans makes them practically addicted. If you have patience and a lot of love you can get your cat to switch to the BARF diet without problems, it may even surprise you and the transition will be easier than you expected! Here you can see some tips for transitioning your cat to a raw diet, take it easy and don't be discouraged! *This article has been written based on our knowledge and unconditional love for dogs and cats, but at no time does it replace the advice of a veterinarian. The CRU will be happy to try to resolve any questions you may have, but if your pet suffers from any pathology, we recommend that you consult with a registered veterinarian. Share:


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