Halloween for pets, Howl-O-Ween!


Halloween with pets, Howl-O-Ween!

The scariest day of the year is coming, "Halloween." Today they have spooky decorations, gruesome costumes and lots of sweets but; and our furry ones?

From CRU we give you our recommendations so that you can have a super Halloween party in the company of your dog or cat.

cru-corgis-halloween Below we give you some recommendations to make your dog or cat also have a great HOWL-O-WEEN (howl=howl, “Halloween Howl”).


Surely the first thing you think about when you talk about Halloween is the costumes . If you choose one for your furry friend, it should be comfortable and not too intrusive. They can be headbands, bow ties or coat type if your furry friend is used to them. Remember to always leave its tail and legs free. If you see that he starts to feel uncomfortable, scratches or tries to remove the accessory, take it off, it's about making it a fun evening for everyone. cru-Cat-costume-Halloween Regarding your costume, you should check that it is not scary if you are going to be at home, since many furry dogs get scared if they suddenly see you so different.


The next thing that comes to mind is sweets , but sweets for humans are not suitable for furry dogs. You should not give him anything with chocolate as it is toxic to both dogs and cats. In addition, the sugars that these sweets usually contain are very high for them. If it is a sugar-free candy, it probably contains xylitol, which can cause kidney problems in dogs. The best thing to avoid risking is not to give him sweets for humans. cru-cookies-pumpkin-dogs If you want to give him a special day with extra snacks, give him the GUAUU-BOX , you can also prepare our pumpkin cookies for dogs or take a look at our other sweets suitable for furry dogs .


The trick-or-treat moment can be dangerous , so much traffic of people dressed strangely and knocking on the door all the time can make your furry nervous . If your dog or cat is a scared furry, leave it in a closed room when you open the door, this way we will prevent it from seeing the costumes and running away out of fear. If he gets very nervous about the doorbell, you can put a sign on the door asking not to ring it. I'm sure most kids respect that. scary corgi


If your furry friend is not skittish and you have decided to have a costume party at home, there are also some things you should keep in mind:
  • Designate a room for him where he will be quiet and where no one will enter during the party. This will be your place of rest and disconnection if you become overwhelmed or scared at any time. You can put his bed and a toy or teether with which he can entertain himself and de-stress.
  • The decoration must be furry-proof . You should be careful with candles , since dogs could knock them over with their tails and cats can get burned when they come to browse or knock them off the shelf or table they are on. It is better to buy electronic candles that run on batteries and are not so dangerous for them. Plus they don't wear out or stain anything. Cables that connect lights or moving dolls can also be dangerous. Try to keep them as hidden as possible and if they may not be within your furry's reach, the better. Paper decorations , garlands and more, may seem like a toy in the eyes of your cat or something appetizing for your dog. Be careful where you place them and try to keep them in sight for at least the first few hours until you see that your furry friend does not pay attention to them.
trick or treat dog Before the parties, costumes and sweets, it would be advisable if you have a dog to take it for a walk early , since there will be fewer people on the street and therefore less noise. Furthermore, although it is not a typical date for firecrackers, there are people for whom even the slightest celebration helps to make noise, so you should avoid them if your dog is scared of loud noises. By following these simple tips you will surely organize a super terrifying party suitable for all audiences. CRU wishes you a super scary and happy HOWL-o-WEEN!? Share:


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