Introduction to the BARF Diet with CRU Chicken


Introduction to the BARF diet with CRU Chicken

The easiest way to take the step.

The transition to the BARF Diet can be a little scary at first, the unknown is always scary and so is changing habits. The best way to change your furry friend's diet is to start using only one type of meat, in this case, we recommend CRU Chicken. This way your stomach will gradually get used to the raw diet and will soon be ready to introduce other meats and ingredients.

Why CRU Chicken?

The ingredients for our chicken menu are very simple:
+70% Lean meat and chicken carcass Chicken is a highly digestible, low-fat source of protein, rich in tryptophan, which acts as an antidepressant. Meaty bones are the basis of the diet, they act as a natural toothpaste and provide calcium. + 10% Chicken Liver Liver is high in vitamin A, vitamin B12 and riboflavin or vitamin B2, in addition to its high iron content. + Carrot Rich in vitamin A and carotenes, it prevents eye diseases such as conjunctivitis and cataracts. It is a powerful anti-cancer antioxidant and prevents the formation of internal parasites. They provide phosphorus, potassium, calcium and sodium. + Zucchini It contains minerals and trace elements such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium as well as Vitamin C, B3 and provitamin A. Low in fat and rich in fiber. + Apple It is a fruit rich in vitamin A, C and fiber. An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. + Beet Excellent source of folic acid that helps the body in the maintenance and creation of new cells. + Spinach They alkalize and hydrate the body, a source of vitamins and minerals. + Olive Oil Provides vitamin E, Omega 3 and healthy fats.
All ingredients are chopped raw to maintain all the nutrients and vitamins and the only preservation method we use is freezing at -18º. We chop the ingredients instead of crushing them so that your dog must chew lightly when eating without worrying about possible choking. When chewing, dogs release endorphins in addition to maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Why only one type of meat?

If your furry friend has been eating only feed for a long time, his stomach is not used to digesting natural foods and his intestinal flora is poor. We want that to change, but we don't want your stomach to get confused with so much newness, so it's best to start little by little and then we'll be ready to add all the variety we want. During the first week you may notice small changes due to the detoxification of the feed that we tell you about here.

How do I start?

If your dog is healthy and in top shape, it is best to fast him for 24 hours and start the next day with the chicken menu. The first day we will not give him the entire ration, just a little and we will see how he reacts. Little by little we will add more until we reach the daily ration you need.

He seems to look at the meat strangely, what can I do?

The vast majority of dogs will love meat from the first moment, others are more picky. If your furry friend has been eating dry food for a long time, he may not even know what real food tastes or should smell like, so he will react strangely. You can try passing the food through the pan a little and leaving it more and more raw. We remind you that no animal cooks in nature, so raw is the best way to feed them.

Ready to change your furry's life? They deserve it.

If you have any questions, we would love to hear them at *This article has been written based on our knowledge and unconditional love for dogs and cats, but at no time does it replace the advice of a veterinarian. The CRU will be happy to try to resolve any questions you may have, but if your pet suffers from any pathology, we recommend that you consult with a registered veterinarian. Share:


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