Still don't believe it?


Still don't believe it?

After so many years of hearing that dogs and cats can only eat dry food, it is normal. We invite you to investigate a little more about what we tell you at CRU...

A little history

In the late 1980s, Dr. Ian Billinghurst , a well-known Australian veterinarian, began to observe the relationship between diseases that his patients had and their diet. In the city they fed in a very different way to how the dogs and cats he had grown up with in the countryside ate, they gave them feed. From his studies, he determined that nutrition based on the evolution and nature of animals was the only way to improve and maintain iron health in different species, including humans. Although the BARF or ACBA diet is something that nature wisely created, Dr. Billinghurst was the first to start talking about it and has written 3 very simple books. If you have a minimum level of English, we recommend that you read them: -1993, Give your dog a bone -1998, Grow your pups with bones -2001, The BARF diet “The BARF Diet”; the latter available in Spanish

Other famous veterinarians

Dr. Karen Becker has also published many essays and videos on the subject. Including the book “Real Food for healthy Dogs and Cats, Simple Homemade Food” winner of the award for best homemade diet book of all time from the “Whole Dog Journal”. Another expert on the subject is Dr. Ian Lonsdale, of whom you can find many videos on the internet and consult his books: “Raw Meaty Bones - promote health” and “Work Wonders, Feed your dog raw “meaty bones” (Miracles of work, Feed your dog raw meaty bones) Long before all this, between 1932 and 1942, Francis M. Pottenger conducted a study with 900 cats, which he fed 4 different diets. One of these groups was fed raw meat and raw, unpasteurized milk. The study established that cats fed a raw diet enjoyed better health, fertility and longevity. The rest had health problems and chronic-degenerative diseases appeared in their descendants.

If you are not much of a reader, be sure to watch these videos:

Rodney Habib

Well-known activist of the food revolution that we are experiencing with our dogs and cats. Why don't dogs live forever?

Raw Feeding Veterinary Society

“Veterinary Society of Raw Feeding” is an international collective of veterinarians for the evolutionary diet, here we leave you another interesting video subtitled in Spanish. 7 experienced veterinarians: Why raw diet is good for dogs

Pet Fooled

If you don't know this documentary yet, you're already late. The first film that reveals all the secrets of the processed pet food industry. You can watch it on Netflix or by clicking the image below. Share: