Initiation Pack

Try the Starter Pack from only €5 and start giving your furry more years of life

Try the Starter Pack from only €5 and start giving away more years of life for your furry

Easy for you and the best for them





Initiation and transition week only with CRU Pollo to facilitate correct adaptation.

No rice or potatoes to fill, just Meat, Meaty Bone, Viscera, Fruit and Vegetables in the right proportions.

Suitable for all races and all ages.

We send you a personalized step-by-step plan for your furry friend and the calculation of the portion he needs.

If you have questions, you can write to and in less than 24 hours our nutritionist will respond to you.

In 2 hours you have it at your doorstep or you can pick it up at our store.

To guarantee optimal service, we only ship to homes in the city of Barcelona. You can pick up your orders in our store comfortably from Monday to Friday.

Select the most appropriate plan according to the weight of your furry friend:

HAIRY MINI Weight: 0-4kg

Breeds: Bichon, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Italian Greyhound

SMALL FURRY Weight: 5-7kg

Breeds: Pug, Andalusian winemaker, Shih Tzu, Boston Terrier

MEDIUM HAIRY Weight: 8-14kg

Breeds: French Bulldog, Jack Russell, Schnauzer, Corgi, Beagle

BIG HAIRY Weight: 15-28kg

Breeds: Bassethound, Dalmatian, Shepherd German Water Dog

GIANT HAIRY Weight: 29-48kg

Breeds: Saint Bernard, Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Dane, Newfoundland

“Good nutrition is a gesture of love”

Clementina & Napo

“Napo was old and had little desire to do anything. Since eating CRU he has regained his agility, his hair is shinier and his legs hurt less .”

Bianca & Lucas

“Lucas is a golden and lately he had gained several extra kilos that he couldn't get rid of... with the CRU diet we have controlled his weight in a few weeks and now he is back in great physical shape.

Luis & Sandro

Sandro goes crazy every time it's time to eat! Finally something that has flavor and smell! “We have also noticed a notable change in his body odor and gas.”


You forget about having to ask for food for your furry friend all the time. Plus you save up to 20%. First we send you the Starter Pack box only with CRU Chicken so that your stomach gets used to it. A week later you receive the box for the month and so on every month on the day we agree on in the time slot we agree on. Example: If you place the order on the 1st of the month, on the 2nd you will be receiving it at home, having enough food for the initiation until the 8th. On the 9th we will send you your first box of the month. We operate with electric bikes and motorcycles in the city of Barcelona. After placing the order we will contact you by WhatsApp to agree on the 2-hour time slot that you prefer to receive the package and in that slot it will arrive, you don't have to wait all day for a package that you don't know when it will arrive. If you place your order before 3pm, we can send it to you the same day. Of course, all the food we make at CRU is BARF. We mix and grind raw foods and use freezing as the only preservation method. The subscription sizes are determined according to the weight that we indicate for healthy dogs with normal activity. For example: Size M is based on what a 14 kilo dog should eat. Choose the size based on what your ideal weight would be, which you should reach, and not your current overweight weight. It is a week of adaptation with only chicken menus, if your dog has only eaten food, it could have some changes that we will tell you about here . We recommend letting your furry friend fast for 24 hours and then start with 1/2 of the daily portion to see how he assimilates it and increase up to his recommended daily portion. When taking CRU, for example, in the morning, start giving the chicken menu from less to more until you reach the portion that would be yours. It is totally indifferent. There are people who prefer to give the same protein two days in a row and others who alternate each day. Our menus are designed so that a healthy dog ​​does not need other supplements. If your dog suffers from any pathology or you want to add a supplement, you can do so in the amount recommended by your veterinarian. We can store part of your order in our store at no cost. Another option is to organize more than one shipment per month. The shipping cost is €7. Of course! Growing with natural food is the best! The first months you will need more quantity than the following ones, contact us at and we will make you a personalized subscription These ingredients have very little nutritional value for our furry friends, they are simply used to fill menus cheaply and thus be able to reduce the amount of meat. Can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. Do not refreeze once thawed. Only in exceptional cases can you defrost in the microwave or in a bain-marie. Our packages are 500g to reduce defrosting time while making portions easier. You can stop the subscription at any time up to 24 hours before the next batch is shipped, that is, if the Starter Pack lasts until the 8th and on the 9th we send you the box of the month, you have until the 8th to stop the subscription. The same during the month, you can stop it at any time up to 24 hours before we send you the following month's batch. Write to us at to make the changes you need. Write to us at and we will stop shipments for as long as you need.