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This is the first step of the good life of your furry


BIG HAIRY | 15-28kg

Bassethound, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Water Dog

What is the subscription plan?

The subscription plan consists of a complete mix of menus according to the size of your furry friend for a correct balance throughout the month. It is automatically renewed every month and you receive it the next delivery day in your location, so you can forget about planning orders and spend more time enjoying with your furry friend.




How much food do you need per day?

Plan established for a ration of between 300 and 550g/day - divide this ration into the number of feedings to which your furry friend is already accustomed. *We will lengthen or shorten the subscription frequency depending on your furry friend's needs.

What will I receive each month?

30 CRU packages. *Occupies 1 and a half freezer drawers of a classic combi refrigerator.

10 CRU Chicken packages of 500 g

10 CRU Beef packages of 500 g

10 CRU Rabbit packages of 500 g

What are the benefits of the subscription plan? Forget about placing orders! 5% discount on the web price. We reserve the stock of your plan in advance. You will not depend on us having stock available on the website of your furry friend's favorite menus. Customizable plan. Lengthen or shorten the renewal frequency depending on your dog's ration. Add snacks or other products. Complete mix of menus for balance throughout the month. BARF diet. No rice or potatoes to fill, just Meat, Meaty Bone, Viscera, Fruit and Vegetables in the right proportions. Suitable for all dogs and all ages. You don't need extra storage space or give up your entire freezer. You can cancel or stop your plan at any time from your personal area. If you have questions, you can write to and in less than 24 hours our nutritionist will respond to you. Home delivery in controlled temperature transport included throughout the Spanish peninsula. If you are with your furry friend in another location for a month, let us know and we will send it to you wherever you are. GET ALL THE BENEFITS FOR YOUR FURRY WITH A FEED 100% NATURAL


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*Unsubscribe or skip a month free of charge whenever you want, you just have to write to us at or modify it in your personal area.

“Good nutrition is a gesture of love”