Autumn excursion, search and find bolets


Autumn excursion, search and find bolets

Autumn is here! That time of year that has its detractors but is ideal for our dogs, they no longer suffer from the heat and we can enjoy more outdoor activities with them! Autumn is synonymous with brown colors, forests, fallen leaves and mushrooms. We propose a dog friendly, kid friendly or know-more friendly activity :) come on, suitable for everyone. Bolets is the Catalan word for mushrooms and we suggest that you head out into the mountains to find them!
  • Don't pick mushrooms if you don't know them, the fact of finding them and looking for what they are is fun.
  • If you do it you must be very sure of it.
  • Do not pull them out of the ground, cut the stem with a knife leaving the root in place
  • Use a wicker basket for transport, allow the spores to fall and next year we will continue finding!

Excursions with your dog Barcelona

Very close to Barcelona we have 4 magnificent places to walk and enjoy nature. Sierra de Collserola - Next to the city. You can find chanterelles, death trumpets (no, they are not poisonous!), chanterelles or rovellons in the pine area and ou de reig if you are very lucky, a delicacy of Caesars! Garraf Park , for the most part is young pine forest so there are plenty of chanterelles or rovellons and llanegas or llenegues! A little further away you have the natural parks of Montseny and Montnegre and the Corredor , which, having a larger area and different altitude areas, offer the possibility of finding all types of mushrooms. You should be careful if your dog is one of those that does not hesitate to put anything in its mouth, here we will tell you a little about it. You can download an app like Setas Lite or Fungipedia to help you recognize which mushroom you found! Otherwise here you have a more traditional link. Share:


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