Nuts and dogs


Nuts and dogs

Can dogs eat nuts?

You've probably wondered if your dog can eat nuts. The truth is that there is a lot of controversy on the subject, but the answer is: YES but in moderation. Nuts are NOT an essential part of your diet. They should not be given daily or in large quantities. As a reward, candy or simply because you are eating them and want to share, there is no problem. MACADAMIA NUTS and RAISINS are totally excluded. They have a component that can be toxic. Better to avoid them, even in small quantities.

Properties of dried fruits:

· They contain Omega 3 and oleic and linoleic fatty acids. · They provide antioxidants such as vitamin E. · Group B vitamins. · Minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium or iron, among others. · Trace elements. Here we leave you a list of nuts that in moderation you will have no problem sharing with your four-legged companion: · Almonds · Walnuts · Pumpkin seeds · Hazelnuts · Peanuts (peanuts are considered to be part of the legume family, but since we usually associate them with nuts, we have added them) Your dog will better assimilate ground or crushed nuts; when ingesting them whole, he may not digest them and expel them as they are, so he will not have assimilated any nutrients. Nuts have a high fat and oil content, so they are not recommended for overweight dogs. *This article has been written based on our knowledge and unconditional love for dogs and cats, but at no time does it replace the advice of a veterinarian. The CRU will be happy to try to resolve any questions you may have, but if your pet suffers from any pathology, we recommend that you consult with a registered veterinarian. Share:


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